Bigelow Tea Rebrand

Bigelow Final Products

In this class assignment, the goal was to redefine the Bigelow Tea brand. The project involved a comprehensive update of packaging, logo, and the infusion of elements that showcase a strong connection to nature, artisanal craftsmanship, and an intuitive flavor identification system.

The brand's logo underwent a complete transformation. The newly designed logo features a beautifully crafted "B" made of leaves, symbolizing the organic quality of the product.

Incorporating the essence of nature and botanical beauty, intricate floral patterns were hand-drawn for the background.

A color-coding system was introduced for the packaging. Each color corresponds to a specific tea flavor, ensuring that consumers can easily identify their preferred brew.

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Family shot with teacups
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Green Tea Pomagranate
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Lemon Ginger
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Mint Medley