Loteria Salsa Picante

Loteria Salsa Picante is an authentic Mexican hot sauce brand. The design is inspired by the popular card game Loteria. The logo has Victorian typography in order to create a classic and alluring look. The bottle designs are inspired by the games set of 52 different cards, the cards used were hand selected and made with new illustrations for each bottle. The color of the logo corresponds with the colors of the card.

First Round of Sketches

These are the initial sketches for the logo. After the brand had a set theme the style was explored. Inspiration stemmed from aspects of Mexican culture that I grew up around.

Bottle Design Sketches

Once the final logo was chosen the process of sketching out designs for the applications was explored. The use of the card designs was important which is highlighted on the bottle.

Loteria Salsa Picante Process

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La Diabla Bottle Design
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La Muerte Bottle Design
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El Sol Bottle Design
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Loteria Collectable Cards
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All Sauce Box Packaging