Mushroom Forest Layout

Mushroom Forest

A run through the Forest
Mushroom Houses
Arriving Home

The mushroom forest layout consists of an original sequence of three images. The images were to be done in monochromatic black and white with the exception of any necessary lighting or glowing objects. It shows different uses of perspective and composition. The image includes an original character, Red the mushroom creature, who is also featured in ALH Visuals Character Designs

Layers: Overlays, Underlays, and Background

Background for "A Run through the Forest"
Underlay for "A Run through the Forest
Overlay for "A Run through the Forest

This is an example of a multi layered layout. This presentation showcases each layer as a background, underlays, and overlays to make the environment movable and interactive. Each of the three images in the sequence was made using similar layering along with the character on a separate layer as it will be the animated feature.