ALH Visuals Branding


ALH Visuals Branding takes inspiration from the likes and dislikes of designer and illustrator Andrea Hernandez. Many of her sketches exhibit themes correlated to halloween and goth themes due to her interest in spooky things. After refining many of the initial sketches the chosen logo is a moon with an A in the palm of a skeletal hand. The moon represents her affinity for night time and the skeleton draws from her love of all things spooky.

Initial Sketches

The initial sketches made using my personality and likes as reference and attempting to create them visually. These were initially drawn loosely and in an illustrative style to incorporate my drawing ability.

Refined Sketches

All the sketches were made using the same method. The use of making the initial sketches drawn digitally and then refined. The designs were then narrowed down and cleaned up to increase clarity and be more distinguishable to anyone who sees them.