Hernandez Vineyard Brand and Wine Labels

Hernandez Vineyard Wine Labels

Alebrije: With a price tag aimed at young wine enthusiasts, Alebrije draws inspiration from vibrant Mexican folklore and its mesmerizing alebrijes. A captivating, hand-drawn fox in vivid colors wraps around the black background, creating an affordable yet eye-catching bottle that beckons those new to the world of wine.

Lifeline: Designed with a contemporary twist for the discerning middle-aged consumer, Lifeline's label takes cues from a blood bag. The sleek, modern design is not just visually striking but also provides a midrange pricing option, perfectly balancing style and affordability.

Icarus: For the upper-class and mature consumers, Icarus offers a luxurious experience. Its design, inspired by Greek mythology, elegantly captures Icarus' wings in shimmering gold, as they fall and break apart on a pristine white background. With a touch of opulence, this hand-drawn label exudes sophistication and class.

Each label is a testament to the designers' craftsmanship and creativity, offering wine lovers a range of options that resonate with their tastes and preferences..

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